What are your favorite Texas BBQ joints that nobody knows about? (Callout)

As relatively new residents to the great state of Texas, people here at theCHIVE HQ in Austin have had one burning question consuming too much real-estate in our minds. We desperately want to know what you Texas natives believe to be the best places to get some savory BBQ fixins. BUT we don't want the usual suspects that everybody knows and that you will undoubtedly find on Yelp if you search for "Best BBQ places." Franklin and Salt Lick BBQ come to mind as the popular names always thrown out here in Austin. And they're both amazing BTW, but that's not what we're after.     Instead we were hoping to find out about more BBQ restaurants that are maybe off the beaten path a bit. The underdogs, if you will, of the BBQ world. SO what we need from you guys is your keen insight and opinions as to what you think are the best underknown and undervalued BBQ joints in this big, beautiful state. There is no need to send in emails, instead simply add your two cents in the comments of this post and after a few days we will put together a follow-up post revealing the best-of your answers.    So without further delay, what are the best obscure BBQ restaurants in all of Texas??

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