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Fitting In WIN

Anche oggi si va verso i calci di rigore, ma non preoccupatevi... è appena entra...


Arm Tattoos WIN

Lie Witness News – Justin Bieber fans will go to great lengths to support him (Video)

Appreciating rainbows like only the Internet can (23 Photos)

The Hip Bone Zone (32 Photos)

Still have to blow it first to get it to work...

I love y....

I'm looking at you, western world.

If you do this, go f**k yourself

Is this even legal?

So tasty that it licks itself

tastefullyoffensive: [konadlite]


Just my luck

so romantic

Voleva far colpo sulla protagonista di "The ring"...


Looks like someone got a little over zealous with the brakes

I was almost embarrassed when she asked if he could make one like her

After the company hit a big milestone this week.

Sir! Please do not touch the box!

Getting to places in GTA...

Yes, that is Doritos bag