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Happy New Year

Apparently this isn't common courtesy

Third Eye, The Eye of Horus Connection to Human Brain

Witnessed this on FB, it actually made me quite sad

Rick Genest's Character in 47 Ronin has probably less than 1 minute of screen time...

Talk to each other and get drunk

Beatbox WIN

Country Music 2013 FAILS

it's a trap!

12 o'clock precisely

they-stole-my-robot: jonnovstheinternet: A megalodon tooth...

Getting frisky

Still makes me laugh

Stoop kids afraid to leave his stoop!

How to fold a shirt in ONE second

Try And Be Somebody's Motivation

People that put the punchline in the title

Yellow b*stard

Jim why can't just crash

In anticipation of the lunar eclipse...

Noi ridiamo e scherziamo, ma domani esce Capitan Harlock e mio padre, tornato i...

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Edgar Allan No

The proud parents

I know many people who disagree

Perfect ways to respond to a wrong number text…

nice story

The Great Emu War

Street performer gets shown up by little kid (Video)

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Off to Save Princess Zelda

My white brother gave this present to my Asian husband.

You can actually pinpoint the moment her heart breaks.. (The console is dead on arrival)

The Royal Flush.

World's smallest poisonous frog, the Phantasmal Poison Frog.

The smile at the end!

You know it’s cold when… (24 Photos)