Visualizzazione dei post da marzo, 2014

Michael Bay's early years


This pair of shoes is beyond creepy

So unappreciative

Underwater fart

On a journey to learn chemistry when the professor put this on the board

I dislike this feeling.

Now this is dedication.

Kids vs teacher

Wish me luck. More info in comment section

420 harvest it

Drunk girl using pizza slice as a pillow

After 21 years, this still makes me sad.

Cosplay costumes aren’t for everybody

Bacon Cheeseburger

Where's the baby?

The only mark you should leave on a dog

Finally, Watermelonium!

Are you KIDding me?

Top Gear discovered something amazing

Darth Carlton


Watch Rolex

Just barely made it...

Too many people equate this.

So it was a selfie?

Chameleons are not good at poker

Poor Joffrey

Please don't.

Unlike most of you, girl repellers

What do you want me to do? Go outside?

This never works for me :(

They see me rollin'

Batman Arkham Knight suit...

Lingo the clown

Yes it is

Happens every time

World's largest chocolate bar (4,410kg)

water tribe

Why did they ever invent pedobear? Just use Pikachu

Just gonna stand there and watch you burn.