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Animals that don’t suck (32 Photos)

Chive Fest tickets available for all cities tomorrow. Stellar Chicago lineup will be released

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Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos (VIDEO)

The Beauty Pageant for Fat Girls (29 pics)

Penso che esista una legge che lo renda obbligatorio. (by @chetetuitti) [smettil...

Photos Taken at the Exact Right Moment

Black people.

Mmmmmmmm, delicious

High School Summed Up in 6 Seconds (VIDEO)

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Most guys nowadays

When my female friends wanted to paint my male nails

Call of Duty players...

For all those people who won't get off Frozen's dick

Emma Stone is a genius...

My thoughts on my senior year of high school

When celebrating my 21st birthday with my gf, and she confesses that she no longer loves me after 3 years.

Final is coming...

I guess that's my good deed for the day...


When my friend and I both got A's on a test which the teacher said it would be "near impossible to get a high score."

I think the man is repulsive scum, but I thought America was all about free speech