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Hot girl walks by. Girlfriend says "I want her legs". I respond "Me too".

Mmm.. doughnuts...

always get him to talk to the officer

Where is your god now?

How to wake up your girlfriend

Prelevatori di tutto il mondo, non avete più niente da temere. [smetti di scacco...

Humans can’t keep their horse from its one true love (Video)

Cards against Humanity is the best game.

plot twist: her step dad f*cks her.


Something wrong with the german Flag!

I'll get that for you!

Bicyclists as shadows to their bikes

Every guy needs that one girl...

The regret has never been greater.

Cose che possono capitare ai "veri" diggei.

Seems legit. (by @TizziRadrizzani)

Nailed it: The compilation (Video)

And in the seventh day they partied

When you almost achieved something in life...

stunningpicture: A seahorse admiring his own reflection from a...

La Duck SWAT.

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