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My Friend's Head

Damn kids...

Tranquil Home.

These 15 One-Sentence Facts Will Blow You Away In Mere Seconds

Miracle? Not so much.

What's this wrestling move called?

We need feminism because...

Let me see what Demons are like on a-Jupiter and Mars

Tip #3

ha, black people...

The best of Tapiture (50 Photos)

Patrimonio dell'umanità.



To the people who think scientists and engineers are too good/smart/[positive adjective] for politics.

Who still remembers this GEM?

Anybody else agree that this shouldn't be a kids movie?

No words for this...

Feminazis in a nutshell.

I overheard this bit*h at Starbucks

Snoop Dogg approved.

the feels, man

'I'm gonna sit on it anyway', said Scooter.

"it runs in my family!"

Mom of the Year

Apocalypse prank

I've been going about this all wrong.

Old Fashion Doge painted for my art Exams

My fiance gave me this for my birthday. I'm 29

High five!

That's actually smart

Nuova disciplina olimpica. (by @m4gny)

We do not want you and we do not need you. Just fyi

Well... it IS the cheapest solution...


Does anybody remember this awesomeness?

Hate these things.

This is actually the Moon. Taken in Spain by Antonio Costa.