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My friend is throwing an Oreo party. Here's the menu

In response America responding to ISIS threatening Canada

After watching some episodes of 3rd rock from the sun

It's true

When my girlfriend says she's ready


I'm considering taking some other lessons when I'm done.

tastefullyoffensive: [soupoder]

Explaining getting Gold to non-hugelolers

Schrödinger's curiosity killed the cat... Or not

The new Disney movie takes it up a notch

Evolution of a nope

Two real badasses!

Fight For the Amazonas

I had no idea they existed! This is Winston, the All White Corgi!

When I randomly see my reflection.

Unless you have a one-night stand..

Free your mind..

Gotta solve 'em all!

Whats The Laziest Thing You've Ever Done?

Dear fellow 9gaggers, I need your hands and join me.

Dat recoil

9gag: Dude I guess you’re drunk. #9gag

Here is your ring b*tch

how to get laid 101

They will never find her... I made sure of that.

Well, they had it cumming.

extra deadness

Oldfags seeing newfags

A tank tests its brakes

That Would Be An EPIC Battle

Red Pandas are little handfuls at the Lincoln Children's Zoo

I shower and use deodorant every time I leave the house. PS: I'm a girl.

Can't stop yawning


B positive

Gordon Ramsay

Song of Time

My fiancé doesn't like cake. Or anything sweet.

I'm spending holidays in Germany - it was a hard lesson..