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Hillbilly level 9

Very definition of bait... and plot twists

Rage quit

sexy hand gestures

It's just so delicious

So I found this picture on 9chat and I gotta ask why wasn't Hermione a Ravenclaw and Ron a Hufflepuff?

"Cintia grab it, no Cintia, get out the..." Cintia is dead

I agree wholeheartedly to this.

Dear Justin Bieber haters...

Saw all those cool stuff you guys can make... Here's my hobby: I restore vintage audio equpiment. What do you think?

A missile hitting a caravan

This happened to me... FML

I saw him after the party. He looked in a bad shape and she was asking what's wrong?

Let's bring MoonMoon back

When the guy I'm chatting casually sends me dick pictures

Just think about it...

The result of wearing fake braces

Go ahead, tell me about how bad it is

The dogs in Charge

What the f**k.

Thinking about playing lottery

When my history teacher says I'm wrong in a Chinese history question, but I'm Chinese myself and know my sh*t

Where will you be when diarrhea strikes


Shopping Cart Stunt

Those eyes .

All pilots after the German Wings accident...

A Robot Horror

They will do your bidding, Captcha God

It will come back any second now... Any second now...

Canada is so peaceful; Quebec manifestation (yes, that's a headshot)

Once you start you will never end!

If Superheroes sent Sexts: Part 2 Careful what you wish for guys.

I don't understand why though

Girls will never knoe the pain

Hendrix, Mercury, Cobain, Lennon, etc etc...

The most beautiful moment in DBZ

That awkward moment when you find out your Math teacher is a successful male model.

I am just marry by the law

Wow, she looks like someone else.

I'm looking at you crazy directioners

Well...ladies you can just tell us if you don't want to do it.