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Father of the year

When I'm drunk and someone hands me a delicious girly cocktail

I did see this happen

Einstein, Newton and Pascal...

A sad tale, of a true love story...

There are good people who pay it forward.

Got a new puppy and learned a sad lesson today.

When I'm drinking at a party trying not to puke

When I heard that someone has bricked a train door

Try sleeping after reading this. Short horror stories!

Gamers are pissed.

Why do people keep destroying their towns, then blame it on other people that they're suppressed?

A lot of people being awesome in one gif

With the recent Kylie Jenner challenge, I think this the true prediction of our future

Woman brings big smiles to kids in need with custom shoes (21 Photos & Video)

Anche se ti svegli lo stesso in cerca di una bottiglia d'acqua.

Things That Have the Power to Ruin Your Day (44 pics + 1 gif)

Daily Picdump (105 pics)

Daily Gifdump (31 gifs)

We've Started a Pinterest Page!

This Bitch clever as fuck

C is for Cena and COOKIES

Everyone sold out.

Goku we need to cook

The cast of ‘Big Time in Hollywood, Fl.’ joins theCHIVE Podcast for a drink

What are your favorite Texas BBQ joints that nobody knows about? (Callout)

It's exactly the same thing.

At a time like now, this is a good reminder of the power of media and perspective.

Long Live the King!

A fact of life.

Joker was right about our fallen lord

My 15 year old sister was playing a familiar game on her iPhone 6.

When something weird suddenly touches me...

Whenever you're sad, think of the happy onion man

This needs to be said