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Quest for the shiny Eevee

What do you guys think?

For some crazy reasons they didn't broadcast in USA

I love you

I wish they were my uncles

O.G. Johnny Bravo

when that one kid in elementary stands up to the teacher

Remember that time you got really high and ate Rick? via 

And they kill poor animals...

When couple's love is a hazard to other people

Too bad the U.S. puts more importance on collecting ticket fines to support the states financially.

When someone is attracted to me

A step closer to getting a handjob through the internet

I can't keep wondering


Epic Teacher, Epic Student

How to cool down your laptop

Suddenly I like Supergirl more

It's cool to enjoy the same music, films, etc but it's not everything

Morning with a gang of owls.

The epic plot twist of Joker

This Old Man In Tokyo Loves To Walk His Tortoise. Master Roshi, Is That You?

Building my own airplane from scratch

too late for that

You know it's incredible.

Hoes be like....

World's widest tongue

Yellow jelly beans

When you're 3 and you already have game

When both you and the barber are stoned af

Hitman Cat gets no joy from his job

So glad!

TROLL DRIVER ...Beep Beep MothaTruckaaaaaa

Man pushes unsuspecting woman off the train just before the doors close

Tell me, do you read?

I dunno what to put as a title

It really is very nice

My reaction when I hear Foo Fighters on a classic rock radio station

Shut up and take my money!

We need more medieval art in 9gag